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When planning a trip, one can turn to magazines such as Travel and Leisure for a source of inspiration. However, Travel and Leisure's targeted audience is an older, more affluent audience than many of the other travel magazines target as well. 


Wanderlust, is a magazine that highlighted affordability, excursions, nightlife, fashion, and dining for a young adult audience. 

Wonderlust Moodboard-01.jpg
Wonderlust Moodboard-02.jpg
Wonderlust Logo 2-05.png

Magazine Moodboard

The aesthetic of this magazine was young, bright, vibrant. 


I created a persona that embodied the fun lively spirit of a twenty-something ready to travel and see the world while on a budget. 

Logo Iterations 

I started to play around with the name Wanderlust since it has that whimsical and sensual feel at the same time. The flexible branding was a great exploration because it allowed for new textures and prints and color combinations for the magazine to progress. 

Wonderlust Moodboard-03.jpg
Wonderlust Moodboard-04.jpg

Final Deliverables

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