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The Miami Student Magazine

In the spring issue of The Miami Student Magazine, I worked on a team to help design the layout of the copy. The main focus of this article was illustrating and designing the layout for a story about the process of choosing a new name for transgender students at Miami University. 

In addition to the Making A Name story, I worked on a sample layout for a reprint of an article entitled Invadedfrom the previous issue. 

magazine moodboard 2_Page_01.jpg
magazine moodboard 2_Page_10.jpg

Magazine Moodboard 

The aesthetic of this article was dark, with pops of neon and numberical code.

Invaded Logo.png
Invaded Mood Board.png

Magazine Moodboard

The aesthetic of this article was androgenous, contrasting and illustrative. 

Illustration Ideation  

For the illustrations, I wanted to convey the process of transitioning from one gender to the next, that it can be blurred and it doesn't have to be perfect. 

Final Deliverables

Invaded Type and Color.png

Final Deliverables

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