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Madame Tussauds

With the intention of rebranding a museum to include flexible branding, I chose to create a branding for Madame Tussauds wax museum that was more modern and pop-culture inspired, since, their branding now has a dated old Hollywood, red carpet feel. 

I wanted to create flexibility within the logo that reflected the differences between each location, I applied these to tickets, tote bags, and a sweatshirt. Following these applications, I designed a brand guideline that explained the usage of the logo as well as the typography and color palette. 

artwork logos-27.png
Persona 1.jpg
Persona 2.jpg


The two personas that I was designing for were a young adult, wanting to travel and see new things in every city and a mom of two who wants to educated her kids on all things pop culture from the past and present. 

Style Board

After creating three different stylization and visiting the museum location in Las Vegas I wanted to pull from the original star design we see in the original logo. 

Logo Iterations 

With the many different locations of Madame Tussauds, flexible branding based off of the locations made the most sense. I wanted to highlight the neon glow effect since that is so heavily used on the inside of the museum. 


For the tickets, I wanted to incorporate photography treatment corresponded with the color representing each location as well as the celebritiies that are at said location. The tote bag and sweatshirt would be just a few examples of items for the gift shop that resemble the new branding. 

Sweatshirt mockup.png
madame tussuads tickets and bags-07.png

Final Deliverables

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